Food Theory: Pepsi has a NAVY?!

I have taught a media literacy class for years, and this last term every other day I had a student shout out “Food Theory did it!” When I brought up a fun little fact (shrinkflation, food labeling, oddvertising, & subway lawsuits, to name a few).
Food Theory: Pepsi has a NAVY?!
Food Theory: Pepsi has a NAVY?!

So well done. I’m now scouring your videos for new assignment ideas. Any recommendations? 😁

Keen Eye

Food Theory: Pepsi has a NAVY?!: One small critique that doesn't really affect the rest of the video but I really wanted to say is that though measuring naval strength by tonnage is definitely more accurate than measuring by sheer number of ships, it is still far from the best way of comparing relative strength. In particular, how efficiently the weight is used can wildly affect the ship's tonnage without changing how effective the ship can be in actual situations. Merely basing the strength of ships by their weight can lead to misleading results and can get really complicated with how many factors influence the rankings. 

All of this is irrelevant at the end of the day since (spoilers) it becomes a mute point later in the video, but also because MatPat stated that he just wanted to compare using a "more accurate" method, rather than the "most accurate".

z beeblebrox

Food Theory: Pepsi has a NAVY?!: One big thing this really sheds light on is how common it is for the news - now and throughout history - to report on deals (and laws) that are still in progress as if they're set in stone. The "will" in those headlines is doing a LOT of work, and I recommend that if you ever see a headline with any type of future tense at all,  treat it with a healthy level of skepticism. Especially these days, where some future tense is written as past tense, like articles titled "How X became the new owners of Y" where "became" is referring to something that MAY happen in the near future.

Isaiah Butler

Food Theory: Pepsi has a NAVY?!: Something I love about Food Theory that also kinda separates it from the other 2 channels is that these are also practical mini documentaries and are entertaining to watch and learn from. I feel like I could watch a full length one done by MatPat.
Plus whenever it even slightly seems like he's off topic he's acknowledges it and tells you it's actually crucial to the plot (6:14) unlike some that will complete get off track from the subject before going back