Lincoln Lawyer Season 2

Lincoln Lawyer season 2 was released on Netflix on July 6, 2023, in two parts. The first five episodes were released on July 6, and the last five episodes were released on August 3. The season is based on the second book in Michael Connelly’s Mickey Haller series, The Brass Verdict.

The season picks up with Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) still recovering from the attack he suffered at the end of season 1. He is also dealing with the aftermath of his divorce from Maggie McPherson (Neve Campbell). Despite all of this, Mickey is determined to get back to work and take on new cases.

One of the cases Mickey takes on is the defense of Trevor Elliott (Christopher Gorham), a wealthy tech CEO who is accused of murdering his wife and her lover. Mickey also teams up with his half-brother, Cisco (Angus Sampson), to investigate the case of a young woman who is accused of killing her parents.

The season also features the return of some familiar faces from season 1, including Lorna (Becki Newton), Izzy (Jazz Raycole), and Raymond (Anthony Anderson).

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 has received positive reviews from critics, with many praising Garcia-Rulfo’s performance and the show’s suspenseful plot. The season has a 77% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with the consensus reading, “The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 is a solid follow-up to the first season, with Manuel Garcia-Rulfo continuing to shine as Mickey Haller.”

If you enjoyed the first season of The Lincoln Lawyer, you will definitely want to check out season 2. It is a well-made legal drama with a great cast and a suspenseful plot.